Program Details

TruCash and Transat Tours Canada banded together to offer an incentive program that would motivate Travel Agents to utilize a coalition of Transat travel partners. TruCash worked with Transat to create the BONBON Travel Agent Loyalty Program, which has provided more than $1 million in streamlined real-time cash rewards and incentives to travel consultants across Canada. Since its launch in 2009, the program has led to a sales increase of more than 27% for Transat Tours Canada.

“Agents simply book, earn, and spend–it’s that easy.”

Travel agents earn rewards on all Transat bookings, including travel packages, coach tours, cruises, flights, à la carte accommodation, and car rentals, while also benefiting from Transat’s buying power, comparative pricing, and excellent customer service. The best part is there is no limit to the number of rewards an agent can earn. The rewards are loaded directly onto their BONBON TruCash Visa®, accepted at millions of locations worldwide. The BONBON Travel Agent Loyalty Program was designed to help augment the income of travel consultants, while providing a safe and efficient method to distribute incentives to agents across Canada.


The BONBON Travel Agent Loyalty Program


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What We Did

TruCash enabled Transat to effectively reward over 34,000 consultants across North America, through the Bonbon and Transat Treats loyalty programs.